Vitamins and Dietary supplements: What you need to know

The majority of people across the globe take one form of vitamins and supplements. Vitamins and supplements are a great way for people to complement their dietary needs and live a healthy life where the body gets all the necessary nutrients, such as EFA from fish oil. Before making any decision to buy any vitamins and dietary supplements, you need to know the following:

Vitamins and dietary supplements label

vitamins-and-supplementsAll products labeled as vitamins and dietary supplements carry a label showing all the contents of the active ingredients and vitamins contained. Any added ingredients like fillers, flavorings and binders must also be listed. The right serving is also suggested although your health care provider might suggest a different serving, e.g. the probiotics product for children or for adults are in different dosage. Always check to ensure all the vitamins and supplements you order have this label.


Vitamins and supplements are effective in supplementing the shortages of body nutrition from diets but never a replacement for diet. You must still continue eating healthy and be using vitamins and supplements only as a way to complement where diet comes short. Most government organization like the FDA never checks whether the vitamins and supplements are effective before they are released to the market.

Safety and Risks

You must know if there are any risks associated with the vitamins and supplements you want to take. Most supplements and vitamins contain strong, active ingredients that can have effects on the body. Read and understand the safety concerns of any vitamins and supplements especially when trying a new product. Vitamins and supplements can cause harm when taken in combinations or when people take them instead of the prescribed medicines. A good example is vitamin K that can causes blood to clot. Lack of it can cause heavy menstrual bleeding, bleeding within the digestive tract and in the gums.


The quality of the vitamins and supplements must meet the regulations set by the FDA. Good manufacturing practices for vitamins and supplements ensure they are pure and work effectively. Always check to see if the product you are buying meets such requirements and is approved by the relevant authorities. Go through the valuable reviews from the customers on the shopping websites, e.g. Vitaminworld, Amazon, Target, etc. will be a good method to know how the supplement works.

On top of all that, it is important to let your healthcare provider know the type of vitamins and supplements you are taking. Vitamins and supplements should mainly be taken to complement and not substitute good diets as most people might think.